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Health-Related Physical Fitness Research Laboratory

About Us

The health-related physical fitness research laboratory was designed to integrate teaching and researches related to assessment of health-related physical fitness. Study populations include healthy individuals, those with or at high risk of cardiopulmonary disorders, and those who have chronic diseases. Hardware in the laboratory includes various exercise modalities and tools for the assessment of body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiopulmonary endurance. Recent research work includes: health-related physical fitness in different age population and the diseased, relevant topics of disease prevention and health promotion.


  • Li-Ying Wang, PT, PhD, Assistant professor
  • Meng-Yueh Chien, PT, PhD, Assistant professor
  • Wen-Yat Huang, PT, doctoral students
  • Tsung-Hsien Wang, PT, doctoral students
  • Yi-Hsuan Huang, PT, graduate students
  • Chia-Jung Chang , PT, graduate students
  • Hui-En Chen, PT, graduate students
  • Ling-Wei Chen, PT, graduate students
  • Inter-school cooperator: Mei-Wun Tsai, PT, PhD, Associate professor of National Yang-Ming University, Department of Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology

Research Publication

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  • Metabolic Measurement System (Sensor Medics 2900): for submaximal and maximal exercise testing
  • Spirometry: for pulmonary function test (e.g., FEV1, FVC etc.)
  • Bioelectrical impedance analyzer (Spectrum III): for the assessment of body composition (e.g., total body fat, lean body mass, water etc.)
  • Treadmill: for exercise testing or training
  • Cycle ergometer: for exercise testing or training
  • Arm crank ergometer: for exercise testing or training
  • Mouth pressure meter: for the measurement of maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressure
  • Vital signs monitor: for the measurement of blood pressure, SpO2, electrocardiogram, and heart rate
  • Laser Doppler blood flow monitor (DRT4): for the measurement of skin or superficial muscle blood flow

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