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Motor Control and Brain Function Lab

About Us

Our broad goals are to study the cognitive control, neuromuscular control, and brain mechanisms associated with motor control and motor learning in young adults, middle-aged and older adults, and in patients with neurological disorders, such as stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and brain injuries.

Currently, our primary research interests are to investigate: (1) how aging and neural injuries influence motor control (such as balance and gait), motor learning, brain structure, and brain functions; and (2) the effects of different modes of exercises on improving cognitive and motor functions, neural plasticity, and on preventing dementia and disability in middle-aged and older adults and in patients with neurological disorders.


  • Pei-Fang Tang, PT, MS, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of the Laboratory
  • Doctoral student: Meng-Tien Wu
  • MS students: Nai-Chi Chen
  • Assistant: Tze-Yi Hsia

Ongoing Projects

The major ongoing projects are as the following:

  • Comparisons of brain mechanisms of the processes and transfer of lower extremity motor sequence learning between patients with stroke and healthy middle-aged and older adults (PI, supported by Ministry of Science and Technology grant (MOST 104-2420-H-002-005-MY2), ROC)
  • Non-pharmacological approaches to prevent cognitive decline in subjects with preclinical Alzheimer’s disease (CoPI, supported by National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan, ROC)


  • GaitMat II
  • Force plates
  • Dynamic foot pressure measuring system
  • Cane pressure measuring system
  • 16-channel surface EMG system
  • 64-channel A/D data acquisition system
  • Reaction time and movement time timer
  • Pulling perturbation system
  • Multiple stimulus generator
  • Multidirection humen pulling system
  • Optic fibers for motion capture inside an MRI scanner
  • IMU sensor
  • Actical activity measure device

Contact us:

Motor Control and Brain Function Laboratory

Room 329, Floor 3, No.17, Xuzhou Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: 011-886-2-33668151
Fax: 011-886-2-33668161

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