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Assistive Technology Laboratory

About Us

The mission of the Assitive Technology Laboratory at the School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy is to engage in basic scientific research, to explore the theoretical background of assistive technology, and to develop new assistive devices.

Current research in this laboratory focuses on the improvement of body function using the biofeedback system or functional foot orthoses. Severalprojects combine basic science and clinical approaches with an emphasis on orthopedic and sports physical therapy in geriatric and sports populations.

Collaborations involve the ultrasonographic laboratory in the Department of Orthopedics of School of Medicine of National Taiwan University, the assistive technology laboratory in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of School of Medicine of National Taiwan University, Taiwan Footwear Research institute, and the Track and Field team in National Taiwan Normal University.




Huei-Ming Chai, Lecturer

Graduate Students

Eugene Chang
Chia-Ling Chen

Current Projects

  • Tension of plantar fascia in various postures
  • Effect of seat cushion dynamic sitting balance for patients with paraplegia
  • Effectiveness of functional foot orthoses in patients with pronated foot
  • Development of new healthy footwear for Taiwanese
  • Improvement of reach performance by the NTU#1 biofeedback system


  • Analog/Digital Converter (National Instruments BNC-2090)
  • Signal Conditioning Amplifier (GOULD 5900)
  • Digital Oscilloscope (Tektronix TDS210)
  • Function Generator (SAMPO FG1627A)
  • Digital Multimeter (TOPWARD TPS-4000)
  • LabView Software (National Instruments)

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