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Lab of Sports Physiotherapy

About Us

Our lab studies neural control and tendon mechanical properties in athletes with a tendinopathy, and correlations between the neuromechanics and functional tests


Director:Hsing-Kuo Wang, PhD, PT


Research Direction

There are alterations of neural control and mechanical properties in tendinopathy which lead to reductions of functional performances. Future studies enroll microcirculation to investigate therapeutic effects of postsurgery interventions in tendon healing.


Isokinetic dynamometer, ultrasound, red laser spectroscopy, EMG

Contact us:

Hsing-Kuo Wang
Associate Professor

National Taiwan University College of Medicine
School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy
Room 317, Floor 3, No. 17, Xu-Zhou Road, Taipei 10055, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-33668154  Fax:886-2-33668161
E-mail: hkwang@ntu.edu.tw

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