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Performance Analysis Laboratory (PAL)


Performance Analysis Laboratory (PAL) provides the study relevant to 3D motion, EMG data, and energy consumption. Our subjects include normal people, athletes, and patients with frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, patellofemoral pain syndrome, ACL injury, etc. To investigate the relationship of predictive risk factors and sensorimotor control problem can provide the evidence to support the clinical diagnosis and treatment plan. Currently, there are two projects in progress, including “Dynamic control during active limb motion in subjects with shoulder instability” and “Determining shoulder kinematics in the predication of progress of frozen shoulder syndrome.” In the future, we plan to examine the study relevant to virtual reality, muscle fatigue, proprioception feedback, and energy consumption.


Teacher: Rearcher: Rearch Assistant: Clinical Professor:
林居正 教授 Chen-I Sung, PhD, PT Yu-Ting Chen Chao-Ying Chen MS, PT
  Zhe-Xiu Chen, PhD   Jing-Lan Yang, MS, PT
  Chih-Chung Hsu, PhD, PT    
  Ching-Shun Huang, PhD, PT    
  Fou-Ja Kang, DPT    
  Chien-ying Huang, MS, PT
Hsiang-Ling Ou, MS, PT

Current Projects:

Project Sponsor Duration
Scapular Dyskinesis: a Novel Classification Test, associated Clinical Impairments, and Taping Effect
A novel hamstring flexibility test, active stretching combined muscle contraction preconditioning and recovery strategy, long-term of active stretching combined strengthening training-assessment of clinical risk factors for hamstring and knee kinematics
Development of a Computerized Adaptive Testing System for Assessing Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain and Exploration of Mechanisms in Stroke Patients
Develop and Test the Effects of the`Computer-Assisted OPD Personalized Supportive Cancer Care Program (COPSCCP)'on Early Stage Lung Cancer Patients


RT3 tri-axial accelerometer

The portable device is designed to measure the tri-axial vector data in activity units and kilocalories for daily activity.
 Fastrak 3D Digitizer


The device is the accurate electromagnetic tracking system to capture the 6 degrees of freedom movement within 3 cubic meters for motion analysis.


 DL-32 Strain Gage Transducer


The device detects the strain of the load and transfers the signal to the neurodata amplifier for mobilization technique analysis.




This hand-held, computerized, electronic device quickly quantifies muscle stiffness by measuring the force applied and the change of displacement.

 Neurodata Amplifier
Biopac MP150


This device provides data acquisition and analysis for EMG signals during the activation of muscle contraction.

 MicroFET2 Muscle Tester


This portable device provides measurement of force in multiple planes with accurate, consistent readings regardless of transducer positioning.


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E-mail: jiujlin@ntu.edu.tw

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